About Us

Your Maritime Service Provider for the Offshore Industry

We Are AMD Offshore. Personal. Digital. Committed.

The efficiency of a shipping company is not fundamental in its size and number of employees, but in the quality of work, the motivation of each individual and not least in the lean organization with clear structures. These skills are essential to provide excellent ship management solutions.

Since 2013, we as AMD Offshore have been offering the complete ship management of offshore vessels and custom-made solutions for specific projects. We are ready to support all types of vessels operating offshore in areas such as renewables, oil and gas and research projects.

Our extensive experience in many areas of the shipping industry, especially in the management of offshore vessels, enables us to offer you the entire ship management, including the coordination of different port authorities and external partners. This way, we remain your first and only contact, handling everything else within your interests.

As modern ship management company, we engage in digital solutions, whenever they make life easier for us and our clients. We continuously screen new products and strive for a higher level of digitalization.

We Develop Your Perfect Offshore Solution.